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Who We Are

Situated in various locations around Sydney - and now in Queensland, we pride ourselves on delivering great tasting food that has been prepared with love and attention in our very own kitchen and cafes. All our food is additive and preservative free and has been sourced from suppliers that adopt strict animal welfare practices.


Three Beans source organic foods and products that make a difference not only to taste but the environment. We have adopted sustainable practices throughout each café from the packaging to the recycled timbers in tables and cafe fit-outs.


Three Beans Philosophy:  Coffee / Vanilla / Mung

Using a sustainable blend of coffee from trusted farms and farmers and prepared by our expert baristas (Coffee), the Three Beans symbolise our approach to food and drinks, using only the purest of ingredients (Vanilla) by avoiding preservatives and additives (Mung).
Meet Matt & James

James and Matt’s passion for food was born directly from their combined experiences. With Matt's responsibility for food during his 17 years at McDonald's in the UK, he devoted a significant amount of time to animal welfare initiatives and recipe changes to remove artificial colours and flavours form the menu. 

James' passion for real authentic food was built from his vast experiences owning and operating restaurants and cafes alongside his wife Peta. Together they established and operated cafes and restaurants in the Sydney area including Strand Espresso in 1996, Vivo Restaurant in 1998, Relish Espresso in 2001 and More Relish in 2003. Since 2005, James and Peta developed and implemented the Three Beans concept, opening the first Three Beans café at Chatswood Chase in 2006.

The Food

The quality, origin and preparation of our delicious food is our number one priority at Three Beans.

• Our coffee is a sustainable blend created by Three Beans  • Our free-range chicken is from Lilydale, because you don't want to ever buy indoor-reared birds - don't be fooled by someone labelling it "barn or shed" reared! • Our free-range eggs are from Narringa, maximum 1500 hens per hectare (caged eggs are cheap for a reason!) • Our free-range ham and bacon comes from Borrowdale, the free-range pork co.  • All soft drinks are organic and the juices are free from additives • The teas are loose leaf, organic and fair-trade, through tea drop teas Sri Lanka • We use eco-friendly, 100% bio-degradable packaging for takeaway products 

So why do we do it? Quite simply, the best ingredients to make the best-tasting food!

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