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Sustainable coffee: What we do to make sure you have the best of the best!

Coffee is an essential part of many Australian's daily routines: the morning pick-me-up, the afternoon boost, catching up with friends, work meetings and relaxing with a cup in the evenings. However, with our ingrained caffeine ritual comes a high impact on our environment due to the huge amount of coffee consumed and cups thrown away...Thankfully, consumers are becoming more aware of this issue and are now beginning to take meaningful steps towards what we call ‘sustainable coffee’.

At Three Beans, not only do we offer Keep Cups for customers to purchase and re-use, our coffee cup packaging is also recyclable. Pretty cool huh? So now you no longer have to feel guilty about drinking take away coffee!

But as you know, being sustainable isn’t just about using recyclable or biodegradable cups; it’s also about how the coffee is grown, harvested, and roasted. Life is too short to drink bad coffee, and life is also too precious to drink unsustainable coffee. What is unsustainable coffee? It is coffee that is grown using chemicals and harvested by people around the world who aren’t paid a fair, living wage for their work.

A cup of sustainable coffee is a step closer to a healthier planet. When you buy fair trade, organic coffee you support environmental sustainability through practices that reduce and/or eliminate the use of harmful toxic agrochemicals, pesticides and other chemical additives.

What is more, many fair trade coffee farmers work with sustainable production methods to help keep the natural environment thriving for generations to come. Coffee is grown in some of the most biologically diverse regions of the world, and when unsustainable practices are used, it can cause significant damage like deforestation, water pollution and contamination, agrochemical usage and poor soil quality. But there are choices you can make to reduce the ecological impact of your caffeine fix.

What can you do to support sustainable business? First, look for coffee beans that are organically grown; coffee that is produced without using chemicals ensuring that pollution from wastewater and fertilisers is minimised and soil erosion is decreased with native forests kept intact.

Also, seek out coffee beans that are Fair Trade Certified™; this is a sign that the harvesters work under humane conditions and are paid fairly for their efforts. At Three Beans, using a sustainable blend of coffee from trusted farms and farmers and prepared by our expert baristas, is what we symbolise in our approach to food and drinks, avoiding all processed food by using only the purest of ingredients. Our two coffee blends include:

Three Beans Milk

The Three Beans milk blend has been created using sustainable coffees sourced from Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Kenya. Artfully roasted and combined, they form a blend rich in chocolate and caramel tones, winey fruit, raisin and spice. In milk coffee this blend is bold, punchy and smooth, for a truly satisfying coffee experience.

Three Beans Black

A premium blend from one of the world’s finest coffee origins especially roasted for black coffee. Using only top grade specialty lots ensures a superior experience for the coffee connoisseur. From the natural process comes body, smoothness and winey mouth feel rich in dark berries. The washed coffee adds floral high notes, crisp citric acidity and a clean hint of lime with well-balanced sweetness.

By taking simple and actionable steps, we can ensure our daily brew is better for the Earth and us. Chose sustainable every time!


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