Coming right from the heart of the magical Shizuoka prefecture in Japan’s Tenryu Region, this single origin pure matcha is an elevated drinking experience.

Shade grown up to 2 weeks prior to harvest by expert farmers in the region, our matcha is produced to authentic perfection by being deveined, stone-ground and packed right at the source. This process preserves the subtle vegetal notes of the tea, leaving a lingering sweetness in your mouth. Infuse it with your favourite dishes in your menu and to create a healthy tasty matcha latte.

Pure Organic Matcha 100g

    • Place 1tsp matcha tea into a bowl and pour 30ml hot water (70C)
    • Whisk matcha into a smooth paste
    • Ensure there are no clumps
    • Steam 200ml of milk of your choice until smooth and silky (68C)
    • Pour over matcha paste and enjoy