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Why we proudly use Borrowdale Free Range Pork

Our passion for humanely farmed products means we are proud stockists of delicious Borrowdale Free Range Pork. At Three Beans we go above and beyond to deliver high quality meals that have been made using ethical products, and Borrowdale adheres to the highest standards of animal welfare.

Borrowdale pigs are raised entirely free range and all of their natural behaviours are encouraged

Borrowdale pigs are raised on a 10,000 acre farm near Goondiwindi where they are free to truffle, play and wallow in the mud. They enjoy foraging naturally, but they also have comfortable shelter and bedding. The pigs always have unrestricted access to the outdoors. As an APIQ certified free range farm there are no sow stalls. Pregnant sows make a ‘nest’ in individual huts where they can comfortably have their piglets. The sows are able to leave these huts at any time and stroll outside, their piglets also head outside as soon as they are strong enough to safely explore outdoors.

All of these high welfare practices are what makes Borrowdale Free Range Pork naturally tender, juicy and delicious, without the need for moisture infusion. Rediscover the real taste of pork with Borrowdale and come by Three Beans for a delicious Bacon & Egg roll.

Did you know?

APIQ Certified Free Range – The Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program is a quality assurance system that sets the framework and standards by which producers can demonstrate their commitment to their animals’ wellbeing as well as to customers and the environment. This certifying body ensures that weaners, growers and sows have constant access to food and water and an extensive outdoor area that includes mud wallows, huts for shelter and places for rooting and foraging. To read more please visit APIQ


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