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Why we choose Mt Barker Free Range Chicken

"We like to think that we spend time worrying about the quality and ethics of your food so that you don’t have to"

At Three Beans we are passionate about creating tasty and healthy food for our customer. We want to give our customers a reason to choose us through right quality and value and our choice of suppliers are a huge part of that.

Our Mt Barker Free Range Chicken comes from farms committed to farming to high animal welfare standards. Not only is Mt Barker proudly free range but they are also participants in the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme. This means they meet the RSPCA´s detailed welfare standards and have regular on-farm visits by RSPCA Assessors to check they´re meeting the standards. Mt Barker have a long history of working with the RSPCA too. They were in fact, the first meat chicken farmers in Australia to be RSPCA Approved and the first to farm to the RSPCA´s outdoor standards as well.

Today the free range label is still a confusing term with no legally enforceable definition of what it means for chicken welfare, which can give the consumer the wrong idea. By choosing Mt Barker Free Range Chicken as our chicken meat supplier we feel confident that good bird welfare is a priority on their farms and importantly we know we´re giving our customers a humanly farmed product.

At Mt Barker the chickens are free to roam and explore outdoors when they are about three weeks old. They can peck, forage and dustbathe in the grass, can perch and relax beneath shades. If it’s a hot summer day they even have sprinklers to keep them cool. In the evenings birds go into a cosy barn to keep them safe from predators at night. An interesting fact is that chickens like to see a familiar face and to keep their birds happy and relaxed Mt Barkers use the same stock person with the flock as they grow.

And the last fun fact, at Mt Barker they have even even played classical music to their chickens to keep them happy, that’s how much they care!

We also source our eggs and pork from suppliers that farm humanley. Stay tunned for more exciting information.

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