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Teadrop Tea: Ethically sourced, hand-picked and naturally invigorating!

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Gone are the days where you would just pop a regular square tea bag into your cup, add boiling water and then drink up. There's a more sophisticated way to now choose and drink your daily cup of tea. This is why we have partnered with tea experts Tea Drop who are leading the way in delicious, hand picked and ethically sourced tea. Want to know more? Check out below 4 reasons why Tea Drop are our go-to tea experts:

They use only the finest quality ingredients from around the world:

The specialists at Tea Drop scour the world (such as China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Taiwan) to find the most flavoursome ingredients. Buying in small quantities they ensure each batch is picked in-season to maximise flavour, ensure aroma is retained and the tea is 100% fresh. Once harvested, the tea is blended by an expert blender who combines years of tradition and knowledge to create each tea taste sensation.

Certified from origin to cup:

Like us here at Three Beans, Tea Drop believe in ethically sourced and certified products. All of the teas from Tea Drop are sourced from certified tea growers around the globe. This not only ensures they get the best quality leaves from the first harvest, it also helps them to operate in an ethical manner. Tea Drop is also a member of the Ethical Tea Membership, which exists to improve tea sustainability, the lives and livelihoods of tea workers and smallholder farmers, and the environment in which tea is produced.

Enjoy the ultimate sensory experience:

At Tea Drop, each tea blend has its own unique character. It is this that allows the tea experience to start the moment you open the tea pouch and your nose is filled with the rich aromas of the exotic herbs and spices used in the blending process. This sensory experience makes your mouth water at the prospect of tasting the rich and intense flavours as they pass over your tongue.

The Tea Drop master blender uses his 10 plus years of experience blending premium tea leaves with a range of herbs and spices to create the ultimate sensory experience. These custom blends allow Tea Drop to bring out the classic flavours of traditional loose leaf teas or create a contemporary blend that delivers a unique sensory experience.

100% biodegradable tea bags:

Tea Drop pyramid tea bags are 100% biodegradable and made from soilon - a mesh material constructed from polylactic acid and derived from starch. These tea bags are designed to create more surface area than normal bags and this allows all the wonderful elements inside – whole leaf tea, herbs, real fruit pieces, flowers and spices release their benefits when submerged. A convenience without compromising on excellence.

Come in and enjoy a delicious (and ethical) Tea Drop tea at any of our Three Beans Cafes today!


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