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Introducing our brand new menu!

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

Chilly mornings, shorter days and cosy knits – winter has well and truly arrived here in Australia…and we’re going to let you in on a secret: we’re so excited about the new season!

For the Three Beans family, the colder months are all about creating delicious, healthy and hearty meals for you to enjoy. As the temperature drops our kitchens heat up with irresistible aromas of roasting vegetables, simmering soups, succulent winter salads and sweet treats.

Our new menu has been carefully curated with the freshest locally sourced, sustainable winter produce and ingredients available – today our Three Beans Head Chef Nicky shares her favourites, from classic recipes to her latest creations…

Nicky, tell us about some of the new Three Beans dishes?

We’ve got some amazing new menu items at Three Beans! Highlights include a Mexican chicken bowl with rice & quiona, corn & black bean jalapeno salsa, avocado & sour cream (This dish can be turned in a wrap with a side salad!).

We have a roasted beetroot salad with grains, spinach with honey walnuts, avocado, feta and toasted seed with a choice of our garlic poached chicken or smoked salmon.

The Mediterranean sandwich with our semi dried tomatoes, house made pesto & hummus with chargrilled eggplant and spinach is incredible! As is our Haloumi with semidried tomatoes with pesto and avocado on our delicious white sourdough.

As for sweet treats? We have a mini Passionfruit polenta cake with passionfruit icing and coconut - something small, but very delicious!

Are there any dishes returning from last year?

Our delicious soups are back! We have a Pumpkin, coconut & turmeric and Spiced vegetable & lentil, both served with sourdough. Our famous Chicken waldorf sandwich is also back. Delish!

What’s your favourite dish on the new menu?

My favourite dish would have to be the Mexican chicken bowl! It has spice, flavour and warm enough to feed your soul through winter…Our chefs are passionate to deliver good wholesome food that’s nourishing, great tasting and made with love so it’s seriously all delicious!

Any special fun facts about any dish?

We are excited about the new mini passionfruit polenta. It’s original is so popular we had to introduce a smaller version for those who want a guilt free treat!

Please note specific men items may vary from store to store.


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