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Introducing Three Beans Dee Why!

Northern beaches look here! Three Beans have opened a beautiful café located in the heart of the new Dee Why Meriton Retail Precinct. Local, Trevor Hird, has a passion for the industry from restaurants to cafes and with his 30+ years in the game saw a great opportunity to open a Three Beans.

Trevor has a long time association with the owners of Three Beans and great respect for the brand they have spent the last twelve years creating. As a local, he loves to surf, adores his dogs (Ralph and Sam) and loves spending time outdoors. He also cares about the environment and supports Three Beans passion for sustainable and ethical practices and delivery of whole foods in their purest form. Three Beans positive attitude towards the environment is one of the reasons he decided to partner with them.

Trevor is clear on what’s important for a café to succeed, it´s all about passion, from product you respect to a work culture based on putting the customer first. A successful café is based on teamwork and a hands on approach to the business.

Ralph and Sam

A visit to Three Beans Dee Why is filled with laughter, love and great customer service. The café has a big outdoor seating area that is dog friendly, and the soon to be opened playground will provide children with a safe area to enjoy whilst parents relax. Trevor and his team pride themselves on delivering high quality food and coffee with a smile.

Trevor’s last bit of advice for those who want to start a business:

Get as much industry experience from the ground up. You have to work your way up with an understanding there is no job above your station, cafes are all about team work. I don’t believe people work for me, we work together to meet a shared goal.

Follow @threebeansdeewhy and #threebeansdeewhy in your beautiful photos to be featured on their Instagram.


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